Friday, December 2, 2011


Are you looking for something to spice up a night with that special someone?  Well let me introduce you to a beginner basic cheap toy that will turn a normal night into one to to never forget.  We all know some people do not like toys and all toys are not for everybody.  The key to being sexually satisfied is finding what works for you and your partner.  The beginner toy that is sure to bring pleasure to both parties involved is the "bullet".  The bullet is a simple vibrator usually controlled with different speeds to satisfy your intensity needs.  The bullet (which is the silver oval at the end) is applied to the clitorious for sensual pleasure.  It can also be used on the nipples and on the scrotum of the male.  The simple vibration will bring so much pleasure for both parties.  You and your partner can use your imagination and get as wild as you like.  The bullet can intensify your orgasm to unbelievable heights.  A plus about the bullet when using with a male partner, it does not look like a penis.  Men usually have a problem when they feel you are needing more than them.  Introducing the bullet to your male partner is easier than a dildo.  In future post I will give you some tips on accessories that will turn the bullet into you and your partners best friend.